Teen Model Australia is dedicated to supporting teens and tweens across the country in order to showcase them in the greatest light possible through our magazine and social media platforms. Our platform is highlighting the individuality and beauty of all creatives within the industry. The team is understanding of the difficulties of being seen and acknowledged in such a competitive industry, but we are here to get you seen and our mission is to support young stars! We are so excited to announce we will be holding some amazing events in the near future!

Our goal is to have our magazine in the hands of casting directors here in Australia and abroad, major high-end agencies and new agencies. Landing & leading worldwide campaigns and forums starring Australian teens! Since our first issues, we have already seen great growth in our networks and have had magazines in the hands of Australian agencies AND even in Los Angeles in the hands of international fashion week coordinators and stylists. We want to have you noticed in our magazine; we want to show you off to the world!

Additionally, we have a passion for showcasing the talent of other creatives Australia wide. Whether you are a photographer, agency, stylist, hair and makeup artist or brand, model, dancer, emerging artist or actor we want to work with you. We celebrate the creativity of all through our platforms and have created this data-base to show Australian talent off to the world! Our fast-growing network is an incredible opportunity to advertise your creative flare to a captivated, worldwide audience of fellow fashion industry personnel.

This could be a career changing opportunity to be seen by potential clientele. You never know who might see you! Submit now to teenmodelaustraliamarketing@gmail.com